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Preparing For Your Cyber Risk Interview

When we “measure and score” our customers’ cyber risks, we ask their people to respond to each of our questions using a scale from zero to ten.

If you have received an invitation to speak with us, then you are an inside expert on how well your company manages certain cyber risks. This short video and the graphic below will help you get ready for your interview in less than ten minutes.

This video (3:30) explains how our “Zero to Ten” scale works.

Understand the 0 to 10 scale from Implementing an Information Security Program by Kip Boyle

Now, we want to explain how to use the “Zero to Ten” scale.

We’ll be asking you a series of questions. Each one will begin with “How well does your organization…?”

Here’s an example:

How well does your organization enforce cybersecurity roles and responsibilities for the entire workforce?

You’ll use the score key below to choose the number that best matches your experience with the cyber risk we ask you about.

Here’s how it works: After hearing each question, read the statements in the first column. When you see a statement that matches your experience, tell us the number in the right column. You are free to choose any number between zero and ten.

For example, from your perspective, if your organization consistently enforces cybersecurity roles and responsibilities for the entire workforce, then you would choose a score of 5.

OK, your prep work is done. Thanks for your time. We’ll see you at the interview!