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This is the Deployment Kit for NIST Cybersecurity Framework Assessment which you can use to build your own Cyber Risk Management Action Plan (CR-MAP)

The primary goal of your CR-MAP is to make your organization a much smaller target for cyber criminals and cyber soldiers.
And, in case you are cyber-attacked, to minimize damage by quickly detecting, responding, and recovering from the incident.
Click the button now to get your personal copy of the Cyber Risk Workbook.

As we mentioned in the course, your personal copy of the Cyber Risk Workbook includes all the tools and all the templates we mentioned during the lessons:

  • To help you get buy-in for the assessment:
    • Sample 30-second “elevator pitch” for use with your executive sponsor
    • Sample email announcement for telling all your employees about your planned assessment
    • Sample email invitation to each interviewee
  • A place to record you digital asset inventory
  • The list of all 157 testable questions you should use broken out by interviewee job function: IT, executive, and operations
  • Places to record all of the respondent’s answers
  • Automated creation of the top cyber risks and radar diagram to build your score card for internal and external marketing
  • Formulas to calculate the three-year total cost of ownership of each mitigation
  • A copy of the Business Value model
  • Progress tracking Dashboard and Roadmap
  • Calendar to track monthly check-ins with your team and quarterly check-ins with your executive sponsor

And much more!

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