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Expert guidance to reduce your cyber risk and strengthen your business

10x your cybersecurity

Stay in control of your technology

Become a smaller target

Empower your entire team to defend your business

Every business is a target for sophisticated cyber-criminals.
What does a cyber attack truly cost?

Massive expense

Recovering from a cyber attack
can take months of work and
extremely high costs. The cost of
recovery can quickly go out of
reach and lead to catastrophic
business loss.

Business interruption

A cyber attack will bring your
business grinding to a halt. No
company can afford an idle
workforce in the middle of a crisis.

Destroyed reputation

If you’re attacked, chances
are it’s going to have a massive
impact on your customers too.
Reputation is your biggest
asset. You lose that, and the
stability of your company can
fall like a house of cards.

A robust cybersecurity plan means you'll have the freedom to focus on what's most important to your business.

What can life look like when you are secure and prepared?

Peace of mind


Financial Security

Empowered Team

No more sleepless nights worrying about
the state of your cybersecurity.

If a cyber attack happens, you’ll have the tools and guidance to detect and resolve
the issue- fast.

An upfront investment in a robust cybersecurity action plan will save you loads of cash down the line.

An informed team could mean the difference between a mitigated crisis, and a disaster. Train and resource your entire
team with the information and knowledge they need to stay vigilant.

Cyber-criminals should never be able to exploit
American small businesses. Set yourself up with a
powerful cybersecurity plan now to avoid pain later.


Cyber Risk Management Action Plan

We’ll identify your key vulnerabilities and give you the roadmap to
build a cybersecurity program that mitigates risk across all areas
of your business:


Administrative guidelines to ensure your business practices are secure.

Work Force

Create a plan that works for your entire team.


Ensure your tech stack is equipped with essential security capabilities.

Cyber Risk Management Action Plan
Here’s how we do it:


Identify your top cyber risks

Working together, we’ll build a clear picture of your top cybersecurity risks. From there, we’ll prioritize your most important business operations, and get started developing your Action Plan. The best part? We know how busy you are, so we take on the heavy lifting to keep your time commitment to a minimum. We’ll need you for a total of 6 hours across 3 weeks. That’s it.


Deliver a business-savvy CR-MAP

Once we identify your greatest areas of risk, we get to work building your custom Cyber Risk Management Action Plan. We’ll deliver an easy-to-understand roadmap providing you clear direction on how to deploy your mitigation plans so there’s no mystery in how you can begin boosting your security right away. We also deliver a variety of templates, processes, and procedures to save you time down the line.


Implement confidently with your team.

With a crystal clear, prioritized, and robust Cyber Risk Management Action Plan, you can feel confident your company is secure and ready to mitigate even the worst cyber attack. So you can get back to doing what you do best- running an awesome company and growing like wildfire.

What our Clients have to say

“We highly recommend CRO!”

Prior to being introduced to CRO we were struggling with securely managing multiple apps, passwords, cloud computing – all while working
remotely. CRO helped us to understand the importance of good cybersecurity habits and developed an internal policy in a way that was
easy to understand. The result was a
streamlined cybersecurity program that was robust yet easy to implement and has allowed our company to do everything we need to do with confidence.

-Ed Kirk
Co-Founder, Chinook Capital Advisors

“I highly recommend Kip and his team at
Cyber Risk Opportunities.”

As a small business owner, I realized how rapidly internet security can change. We do not have the internal resources to keep pace with the
perpetual complexity of cybersecurity. Cyber Risk Opportunities have been essential to our team’s online security, more importantly ensuring the security of our clients. Kip and his team provided easy-to-understand training to all
our employees, along with in-depth training for the technology teams.

-Jeff Turley
CEO, GoNetYourself, Inc.

“We could not be happier with the team at Cyber Risk Opportunities.”

Kip’s experience and hard work has provided us with the confidence and practical steps to improve our cybersecurity. The structured, comprehensive, yet customizable approach to our cybersecurity
needs was spot on. We feel like we’re in control again, thanks to Kip and his team.

-Bill Brammer
Executive Director, Bethany Community Church

Every business is a target for sophisticated cybercriminals even yours. Cyber Risk Opportunities works with you to build a business-savvy cyber risk mitigation plan that frees you to move the needle on your business while letting the cybercriminals move on to a softer target.

Our bi-weekly Inflection Point bulletin will help you keep up with the fast-paced evolution of cyber risk management.

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